Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right place, right time, right people

Kalau ada orang offer aku tiket free balik KL sekarang, aku takkan tolak. Kalau takde orang kisah nak offer aku tiket free balik KL pun, aku at the same time tak kisah.

Because dude, I think I'm in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. To be here, to grow, and to mature here is one of the best things I can re-tell to my children in 20 years time. Whenever I'm in the library, doing my PAD120 revision or simply reading a novel I first bought here, I can't help thinking how fate plays my life playfully.

Like, just imagine, 5 years back, did I even have the slightest dream of being here at all? Of course not. I never expected that I'd be spending my young adult years here. It's almost like God threw me here randomly and tadaaahh! - I can speak the Sarawakian slang quite fluently right now! That Laksa Sarawak is my new favourite authentic food. That Bahasa Melayu Kuching is my second language. Like the city Kuching herself can now be regarded as my second playground. That my family here treats me like I'm their new, second child. Like everything I'm doing here feels like a second nature to me. Whenever I'm doing my assignments with my classmates I can't help looking at their faces and smile out of the blue, thinking how I won't have the chance to know these beautiful people if I hadn't been enrolled here in UiTM Samarahan at all. I can't help thinking while I could have been at Shah Alam, doing Asasi Law with the same people I've known since forever, at the same place I know like the back of my hands, I chose to be here instead. I chose to be with the strangers who in the end, turn out to be the coolest souls I have ever encountered.

Whenever I spend my nights at my friends' dorm instead of mine, I can't help thinking how these girls with the typical Kuching, Sarawak origin can get along with a stubborn, strong-headed Shah Alamian girl like me. How, in the right mind of a normal human being, can a person suddenly grasp me in only 3 months time, that even though I don't have the slightest idea on how his past-life went by, I can predict his expressions, his remarks and his reactions in his present? That even though we don't give damns on how our pasts looked like, we somehow share the same present. That 3 years back, I never imagined I would find someone like you. This, ladies and gentlemen explains my earlier statement above. It's because I'm in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

Cuba aku kat Shah Alam ke. Will I experience this? Cuba aku kat UiTM Machang. Or Kuantan. Or Alor Gajah. Will I meet the type of people who resemble these Sarawakian kids' ways of doing their Sarawakian things? No, of course not. Or cuba aku pindah sini time aku form 3. Will these kids treat me this way, will they admire and pay attention and be sincere to me like they do now? Of course not. By the time I step my first foot here, they have known everything about me, they'll judge me.

Dude. It's because it is fated that on 3rd June of 2012, I was destined to be here, not in other unfamiliar places, just to meet these people, when I'm matured and strong enough so that I won't waste bits of my life having bitter past with these beautiful people. Fate.

This thing called fate. It never fails to play my life playfully.

Fate can also change everything. I can just hope that things won't change, at least for the time being.

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