Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You never know

Have you ever experienced this one period when you reach that particularly 'rebellious' stage when you feel like you need no one, that everything's bullshit, that you tell yourself everyday 'hell yes I can do this all by myself', that other people's feeling don't seem to be mattered, that you think you can survive alone in this world?

Have you?

Well no, you can never survive alone in this world. Especially when you're studying in another part of the country without your parents or siblings or best friends to back you up. You can never survive alone in this world. You will be needing friends. Not just those who share the same room as you. If possible, the whole level and if you can make it until the next block too, then why not?

Because you never know when you need somebody's help. You never know that on one unlucky day you might be misplacing your keys, that it's almost 10 p.m. and you need a place to rest. That's when friends come along. That's when your close course mate who's staying in a different block comes to the rescue and offers, 'tido jak lah bilit kamek'. You never know on a hot scorching day (though I must say um, the Sarawakian weather is a lot milder than the Semenanjung weather) you might get thirsty  but when you check your pocket, it's empty, I mean come on, hidup kat Universiti kan, somehow everyone gets poorer and poorer. Therefore at this time lah a close friend of yours will pass you a ringgit and say 'sik hal sik hal, kamek ada'. (And only at this time will you appreciate the value of one ringgit sbb kat sini one ringgit equals to air bandung). You never know when you have to face cold nights, nights when you get hungry and suddenly your friend's room mate offers 'mok makan kuey teow bsh sik? Juh kamek cia'. You never know. You never know when your father gets sick and you receive a surprising phone call from your mother and you feel like your world is falling apart, that you feel like crying just to listen to your sister's voice. You never expect that at this fragile state, your friends whom you have known for only 2 3 months come like knights in shining armour (wek), trying their best to calm the hell out of you. You never know who will randomly say hi to you, sometimes you don't even know who those persons are, but when you think harder, baru lah teringat 'oh budak tu, aku pernah basuh baju dgn dia dulu!' 'oh budak tu room mate kawan aku!'. You never know when you get the urge to watch a horror movie, that suddenly two cool guy friends of yours offer to drive you down town. You never know, man.

You never know that an ordinary class mate can turn into your long-lost Sarawakian sister. You never know that maybe one of these people could be your soul mate. You never know. The world doesn't only revolve around you. What you do affects everyone, what you feel makes others feel the same way too. There are so many things 'life' can offer here, so many things to learn, so many things to embrace.

Whenever I'm alone I sometimes smile to myself that I feel lucky to be here at all :)

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