Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Difference Is That . . .

You know, I love it there. I love to have spent 4 exciting months in UiTM Sarawak, to have known beautiful people with beautiful souls, to just absorb every nice things and to simply grow. I love how things are more relaxed around there. That the days are always blissful - the weather always harmonizes with the people and the world seems like a better place. (I'm not kidding)

I like it how my friends take things easily around here. That life is so much more than just chasing papers. There was this one time when I told my friends that my mom cried of a broken heart upon seeing my not so colourful SPM result and they just laughed. Like literally. One of them even said, "tauk sik mak kamek menangis sebab happy hariya sbb kamek dapat 5 kredit. Mak kitak nangis sedeh sbb kitak dapt 5A. Lucu ada jak". And then I smiled. And laughed too. There's just something about these people and their ways of doing things that intrigue me. It's like they don't even have to try to make me amused.

I mean of course most of them think their place as a boring one. Balik-balik Satok, tak Satok pun Boulevard or The Spring. Dah takde pilihan sgt pergi Barok. Tun Jugah ke (ada Popular kat situ). But trust me, I think I'd rather spend my Saturday night strolling around the cat city, breathing in the Sarawakian air, walking along the Waterfront side walks and just enjoying the night, than spending time at SACC Mall or Kompleks PKNS looking for nothing. The difference is that the vibe feels much more energetic there than here.

Of course the food here is a lot delicious and more spicy, but hell who could forget the scrumptious laksa Sarawak at Bimmers Cafe or rojak kucei or milo jagung kat Swee Kang? When almost all of ais kacangs here taste the same even though they are supplied by different Mamaks, the thought of slurping milo jagung itself makes me craving. And guys, I only have had it twice! And I'm already attached.

Of course you can get better-looking apparels here, what's with this place's blooming malls here and there, but then again, what's with outer appearance anyway? When The Spring feels like welcoming to me, SACC Mall feels as dull as a cold rainy day here in Shah Alam. Of course Mid Valley is a very bigggggg place to shop but at the end of day, I always end up buying nothing. Of course Sunway is a very pretty place to spend weekends at, but doesn't it just intimidate you sometimes? That your parents sometimes get lost (uhuh,  no I don't kid) and your father forgets where he parks the car. While dekat The Spring, kau tengok wayang, kau pergi Speedy, kau makan kat food court and then balik. It's like things are simplified there and that's just the way they live their lives. By simplifying their simplified life.

Of course UiTM Shah Alam is wayyyyyyyy awesomer than UiTM Samarahan, but at least I don't have to take buses every day to travel back and forth from faculty and college. At least my mornings aren't spent on competing with others to get a seat or struggling to find the right bus. At least I can walk peacefully with lesser cars around. At least I can enjoy the sunrise without having thoughts like 'alamak kena cepat kalau tak tertinggal bas' in mind. At least I feel the happiest here.

Of course my home is here, but I can't help feeling like at home too when I'm there. Of course I'm the only Semenanjung student who feels this way about that place, but well I'm proud to have this kind of affiliation. Of course my parents and siblings and best friends whom I've known throughout my life are on this side of the country, but the people there are like my second family too. I have my Udak, Ngah, Anjang, Cik and dozens of cousins there who'd always love to have me at their homes during weekends. The friends I made are the nicest too, that they always remind me of my soul mates here.

My point is - I don't know exactly what my point is, but what I'm trying to say, is that I'm attached. I found my second home. That, God forbid if one day Singapore wants to launch a peluru berpandu and somehow Johore dodges the bullet and the peluru berpandu misses its initial target and falls to Selangor instead, I won't mind moving and starting a new life in Sarawak. Not only that the land itself is a lot bigger, but also because I have grown loving it.

Chances are I might be switched during birth. Maybe I am a full Sarawakian, instead of inheriting only half of the genes from my mom. Lol.

Have a nice day everyone, wherever you are!


  1. Do you know that we have SpaceU8 here? The way you're describing The Spring sounds like SpaceU8 yknow? Movie, Speedy, eat, and thats it. but I'm sure The Spring has more than just that to offer.

  2. I do and I've been there and at least The Spring is air-conditioned, not pakai kipas angin besar. Lol.