Monday, April 22, 2013

A woman, a man and a youth

There is one very fragile woman who cries at little things, complains on most things and regrets almost everything. She has a petite figure and a smile that can charm every soul. She speaks with a certain politeness that some people think she was born with it. She's a sweet disposition, too sweet that you can easily break her and bitter her sweetness. She's very graceful but her grace doesn't come with wisdom, strength or strong faith. She's one of those beautiful flowers that brings sighs in every person's breath every time he takes a look at her. But that's just it. She's just pure softness. She's the purest soul, an easy target, a ticking soul that waits for time to crumble little by little. And when her old ages seem to reach and contaminate her pureness, she becomes hopeless. When her long life seems to take a toll on her, she finds herself helpless. She has a very lovely husband but she feels lonely somehow. During days she'll cook for her children scrumptious meals but certain nights she'll slip in to her daughter's room and seek for the eldest and wisest daughter's attention. She's a woman of 48 years old, but she cries like an 18 year old teenage girl in her daughter's embrace. She longs for her family's presence who live a sea away from them. She's hopeless and fragile, after all, she's only a woman.

And then there's this man who considers himself lucky to have the woman for the rest of his life. But he's tired. Tiredness that seems to be a permanent attachment to his life. To him tired is not only a physical condition, but now also an emotion that he brings to every where he goes. He's tired at work, he's tired at home, he's tired when he accompanies his wife to buy groceries, he's tired of the same prime news and repeated programs or movies in TV, he's tired when his daughter calls, he's tired of himself. But as compared to his wife, he's a very strong person. So strong that he has the strength of a 15 year old boy at the age of 51. He wakes up at 5.30 a.m. every weekdays to fulfil his obligations and presents the warmest smile to his precious households every time he comes back from work. He's so strong that he doesn't flinch or affected by his wife's cries and wails. He's so strong that he emits the aura of the strength to every corner of the house, like WiFi. He's the pillar of the family, that his daughter admires him silently. He's egoistic but in this family, such egoistic is needed to ensure that the family won't crumble to pieces slowly like the woman's soul. He's strong outside and tired inside and holds on to his male ego. He is after all, a man.

And now they have a daughter whom they think has grown up too fast. A daughter that makes them wonder, 'where has all the time in the world gone?'. A joyful and carefree daughter who bears this sadness and melancholic feelings in her chest. Nevertheless, she chooses to be happy. She has supportive friends, a brilliant mind and an acceptable mental calculus that she thinks she can foresee the future and prospect of her life. She vows that she'll never be like her mother. Weak, as she hates to call a good woman with such foul name but it's true. To her, her mother is weak. And she promises to herself that she'll never be as weak. But she would love to inherit her mother's grace. On the other hand  she always regard herself as more of the daddy's little girl. She wants to be strong but graceful. She's always angry at her mother's hopelessness and always resent her father's big ego. She's stubborn and strong headed. She's always being hurt by boys but hell, who cares? 'Not that they feed me,' she thought one day. She's ambitious. She wants to mend her mother's lingering fragility and rest her father's haunting tiredness. Maybe, she thought, her parents need to breathe a different kind of air. She's happy but sad. She's confused. She is after all, a youth.

And the daughter had a lover whose origin is from the other side of the country.

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