Friday, April 19, 2013


Helo, anybody home? If I recall, it's been a while right? Hi everyone. I'm still here though :)

My 2nd semester in UiTM Samarahan, Sarawak had been amazing. My families here just couldn't stop loving me and treating me like their own daughter, my friends became closer - of course some come and go, but the worthy ones stayed, I read more educational substances, I made friends with whomever nice and I ate and went to places you can never imagine exist here.

 I feel, for the first time in my life, complete and as if I have purpose after waking up daily - to score my GPA the hell out of me. (And hunt for future Sarawakian spouses)

I wish I was equipped with better gadgets to capture and feed you guys with all the thrilling, life experiences I had here. I would have just taken some photos and straightly update them with simple captions like 'bliss' or 'we were infinite' etc just to satisfy you, my dear readers (if I ever had one), believe me I would. But well - aku benci henfon cikai aku. And apparently internet connection is not something you are freely provided in our hostels. You have to walk to the library to get access if you don't bother to own your personal broadband. 

But well. Life is SO much more than just updating and advertising and making your social networking lives appealing to everyone. You might miss moments while perfecting your blog posts. 

Nevertheless, while I'm here at home, I promise I'll update you with my dull life remarks, if you're ever interested, that is. It's hard for me to admit this, but yes I guess I'm losing my charm. (and trust me, the course BEL isn't much of a helping hand in expanding the minds of the youths lol). Till then, have a nice day :)

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