Sunday, June 30, 2013

Semester 3

I start my new semester with fresh new resolutions in mind like 1) to not procrastinate 2) to not take naps after Asar 3) to execute some light exercise regularly and 4) to study constantly.

But so far none of them is being seriously practised and I am still the biggest procrastinator in UiTM Samarahan. There was this one BEL tutorial given to us on a fine Wednesday and I didn't straightly consult it that night because I found myself 'berkaul' and when I planned to do it during Thursday night - BAM! Sarawak experienced the most sudden blackout ever, which only recovered around 12.30 in the midnight. Jumaat dah kena hantar. But me, being a bionic woman as always managed to complete it during lunch time. It was only BEL after all hehe

But no today I'm not going to tell you stories on stories told by my BEL lecturer, who was previously a school teacher thus her warnings often sound like forbids that you hear during school days; "I have eyes on my back I can see you texting texting" "You think I dono ah if you copy from internet" "You ah, have chance to study, study hard"

No I'm not going to share stories on my encounters during BEL class nor my BEL lecturer. Today I'm going to summarize on how my new semester so far goes on.

1. My dormitory

This semester Laiqha and I are again, room mates. We are lucky to reside in the 2-persons-per-room block as the room is a lot more comfy compared to last semester in terms of having our own space, time and privacy. It does get lonely sometimes, to have only one room mate but when those moments come we often invite our friends to berkaul along with us. In fact, we're proud to call our room as Yayasan Hajar & Zulaiqha sebab ramai rajin datang bilik and spend their nights here. We'll organize stuff like watching movies, 'sungkey', study group (kononnya lah) and simply having light gossips on what's happening around the campus lately. Dormitories are no doubt the most effective breeding place for rumours and gossips. Never underestimate Seri Serapi gossip grounds. Not every night of course haha amboi

This is the view from my room. The laluan down there leads to our dewan makan and the boys' college, Seri Mulu. Every morning after we wake up and have bath and breakfast and put on some make ups we'll peep through curtains to see the students pass along. Every night especially nights when activities are held at Pusat Pelajar, we'll once again (no, twice I mean thrice) peep and see if there's any. . . . goodlookingboysaround. Screw. We don't do it every morning and night. We do it every time. 

2. My Courses

I reckon the killer course will be LAW245 because there's just so many things to memorize and when I say many it means a lot and a lot means excessive in amount. But I'll try my best to manage. Despite being the most 'ngirit' course of the semester, I still regard it as my most favourite. It discuses topics that attract me most times - legal oriented topics. In this class we usually listen to the lecturer (who looks like John Travolta and his name IS John though. He's Iban) lectures about um, law, and at the last 15 minutes of the class, he'll let us debate. My classmates will only be wide awake during these last minutes. Accounting course this sem is said to be a lot easier than last sem's and it turns out to be true. It's costing, kinda like budgeting. You don't need critical elaboration on that. I find Macroeconomics to be more interesting than micro as it involves bigger things like national economic turn-downs and policies etc. You know how I get excited over anything national right. (National......national front.......Barisan Nasional.......get it?). The subject makes me feel a tad bit like a patriotic communist though my Chinese econ lecturer keeps on insisting us to be more capitalistic. (By capitalistic I honestly and silently think he means kiasu). Baru lah negara maju dia kata.

3. My routines

My routines every day aren't the same but there is still a trace of regular pattern to be described if anyone asks 'so cane belajar kat UiTM?'. I can easily say 'so first things first I will mandi and turun kelas and lunch and turun kelas balik and mandi and makan and tido'. But this sem is a bit different as my timetable doesn't prescribe classes during evenings hence in evenings you'll find me 'berderok' in my room. This cancels my second and third resolutions sbb bila tido mesti terlajak ke Asar and tak exercise. This also leads to me not going to bed early at night sbb siang dah tido thus I find myself involving in this activity called. . . . . . . .

jual hotdog bun malam-malam.

I know right? Crazy, but legit. Don't you find the situation when you're so hungry in the middle of the night and you're just too lazy to turun dewan makan and then suddenly. . . someone yells 'assalamualaikum, mok beli hotdog bun sik?' wonderful sometimes? You'll just buy them kan. So, around 11 pm I'll go door to door with Laiqha and sell these sweethearts for commission of RM 0.30 each and voila! In an instant dah ada duit tambah-tambah pakai makan. But it's a recent thing, belum jadi kebiasaan lagi. Still, there are ideas of selling refreshments during bulan puasa. Boleh budak-budak buat jadi alas perut sahur.

Well. (clears throat). Apart from running an illegal activity at nights (selling isnt allowed at Kolej) I still join clubs like Persatuan Maspena and Debate Club though not active as before. My prior goal is still to achieve the Dean's List at the end of the semester, in sha Allah.

4. My Boyfriend ---
--- HAHA. HA I DONT HAVE ONE. Wait, is this some kind of joke? Seriously? Do you think it's funny? Wait till my father hears about this!

Akhir kata, do spare me a thought or two and I'll be very much appreciative if you guys include me in your prayers. I reallyreallyreally neeeeed to excel this sem. Much love from us in UiTM Samarahan, xoxo. Till we meet again :)

Melayu Sarawak vocabs:
1. berkaul - bersuka ria
2. sungkey - bukak puasa
3. ngirit - leceh
4. berderok - berdengkur

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