Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1. Other than home, the only place that makes me feel like I belong, is definitely UiTM. If I was still a childish 16-year-old, I'd whine to my sisters about how school would start too early; that the holidays were never seem to be enough. But now, given one solid month of semester break, I no longer feel like relaxing. Like my sights are now layered with things I have mentally planned to do, blurred with the faces of my friends, that all I see now is the humble lecture blocks in my peaceful campus! I guess I can understand how Harry feels whenever a new term is approaching; it's like every exciting emotion is bottled in your chest and you just feel like jumping whenever you're thinking of your friends, your second home. But you never jump of course. You keep your behaviour composed. Otherwise your mak terasa, sebab tak sabar sangat nak balik kampus. I wonder if other UiTM students feel this way.

I feel yah Harry 

2. I really really really really neeeeeed to buy a new book to feed my mental crave. The problem is that whenever I take a stroll in a book store, I can't find any suitable read for the time being. I want something I can finish fast, possibly in just a week time, something that can challenge my mind, something that I won't put down, something I will be so engaged to and most of all something that doesn't bore me. I may have sounded weird, but one of my fears is definitely ending up buying an uninteresting book. I cry whenever I find out the books I buy don't live up to my expectations after half way reading them. They'll end up accumulating dust on my book rack, with the characters go astray and abandoned in my head. I hate unfinished business  Boring books can sometimes lead to stories with no closure and I detest that! It's like the characters are lost in my head, like they don't really belong there. Okay aku gila. Anyway, suggestions, anyone?

3. I still eat Mc Donald's though. I feel sinful, but Mc Donald's is like my guilty pleasure. I still pray. I still have the compassion towards my needy relatives in Gaza. My thoughts are still with them, every day in fact every night before I go to bed. But I still eat Mc Donald's. Does that make me a less good Muslim? Someone please clarify.


  1. I feel you Hajar. I really do. Believe me, I just can't wait to pack my bags and be on my to Kuantan. And i actually envy you! You have two and a half more years with them while I only have another five months. Haha

    And about Mcdonalds. Well, if it helps. "McD Malaysia ialah 100% milik Malaysia . Duit tidak disumbangkan kepada Israel . Notis telah dikeluarkan . Harap Maklum ." It was on twitter. (=

  2. Ehh, please read Fixi Novels. They are totally awesomeee. I swear. Especially Kelabu! But, its in Bahasa. Guess you're not interested with Malay Novel :( Too bad.

    If you buy the novel, please make a review.

  3. Shamin : Kannnnn? I seriously can't wait to start to new term! Haha well, be jealous with my luck. But the thing is kan min, 2 years wont feel that long. So yeah, there's nothing to be envied of actually XD

    About McD. Yeah. . . I'm glad to hear that. The thought of what I eat is equivalent to bullets and guns is unthinkable. Semoga Allah swt sentiasa melindungi our relatives there.

  4. Faiz : Haha no I dont really dig Malay novels in. But I'll try. I'll see if I even have time for them. haha kiddin. Thanks nyway :)