Friday, November 23, 2012

Dumd and Numb

I can honestly admit that I get dumber and dumber day by day. I can feel the cells in my brains decreasing, that once, when I watched TV my brains felt like shutting down and I didn't register at all of what kind of family dispute the Kardashians were going through at that time. I was looking, but at the same time I was pretty sure I wasn't that seeing. I think I was simply staring blankly at the screen and waited for the apocalypse to wake me up from my half slumber. And this phenomenon, my friends, is scaring the hell out of me. It's like I'm losing my charm, that my blog posts nowadays are no longer awesome and cool, that whenever I try to produce something that sounds intellectual I end up giving up. Check my drafts - you'll find a dozen of them unfinished or half way finished.

And I don't even believe in writer's block. It's a matter of the declining of ideas, not some 'blockage' or anything.

Therefore my friends, I come to a conclusion - I hate hiatus. I hate having breaks because giving your mind a break is like degrading it to a lower tahap. See? I can't even find what tahap is in English using my mental dictionary. That sleeping late, surfing the internet and feeding my mind with useless stuff are finally taking tolls towards my mental life. That if I was to take an IQ test right now, I know my score would be freakin lower than what I obtained when I was sixteen. Therefore people, I'm telling you - breaks are not good. They have the tendency to spoil your mind, that your mind is no longer used for critical thinking, is no longer forced to find big words to suit your Political Science essays, that your mind now is used solely for entertainment purposes. Like you're using your mind to just read the subtitles provided when you watch How I Met Your Mother. Tu je. That's the only reading you did sepanjang cuti sem ni.

I miss pressuring my mind. I miss having brilliant thoughts in mind that I can write about them in 2 3 pages a day. Lol

I've gone bonkers

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