Monday, May 20, 2013

I have an unintended mentee

When my sister Jijah asked me "Kak Ja tell me exactly apa patut Jijah buat kalau ada geng serang Jijah kat sekolah" and I immediately reacted "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO" when she started to tell me one of her first encounters of being budak sekolah biasa.

Oh before that, Jijah was an all-girls boarding school student and decided to attend sekolah harian not so long ago.

This was what Jijah told;

"So there was this one boy in my class who is very good looking and recently dumped by his not so pretty ex-girlfriend and I feel pity for him so I decided to write about him and now boyfriend baru that girl knows and in worst case scenario, kalau diorg serang Jijah what should I do" in one particular long breath. She seemed relaxed though, walaupun esoknya ada paper Bio.

I sighed. I hate it when my sisters involve themselves with these kinds of things. Especially loathe it when it involves a boy. Because I can be VERY sure that the boy doesn't even bother to care, at all. Okay, so what if Jijah's a cute girl, the new shining toy crowds by everyone as the 'new kid' title gives a little bit of triumph. But the glory will tear off. Sooner or later she's going to be just another budak SMKPA. Lol. And she better not engage herself in such fruitless activities. They will only bring her to the infamous Bilik Disiplin.

And this was my advice;

"Apa-apa yang Jijah buat pasni please please please imagine yourself as a 18-year-old self who looks back to your 16-year-old self and questions will I be proud or embarrassed if I ever did this"

Honestly, if I could ever turn back the time and tell myself what I know now, I would. A lot of things I did back then weren't of those to be proud of. Sure, it felt good to be well-known, to be mean and all but then where do those bring you to anyway? Half of my friends on Facebook are now living their lives without having to reminisce the school days too often. I can be certain that they don't even care to remember me. I, too, sometimes have forgotten or at least I choose not to take a walk along the freaky memory lane and kenang balik what's past. At the end of the day, who you were in high school doesn't define who you are right now. And when you move one to the next stage of your life, you surely don't want to bring along unwanted memories of being a rebellious student who frequently entered the Bilik Disiplin back and forth from your class. Hehe. The only thing that I was, in fact until now, am proud of is the fact that I have such loyal best friends who've always had my back. I learned to be loyal and right to this day, I still am a loyal person. 

But alamak, did I give you an impression that as if I did drugs or something? Hope not, because I am proud to say I didn't. We were just you know, being the IT girls we were, involving ourselves in cat fights almost every year. Form 4/5 dah takde, dah baik dah matang lah kata kan. And. . . .truthfully I don't even remember most of the girls' names we had cat fights with. I only remember the fights haha. Every each of it (uhuh). 

............By stating that I might have just reduced my chance of being a trusted politician in future as people might question my credibility by attacking me with the remarks of 'YB Hajar kaki gaduh kat sekolah dulu'. Well.

Jijah and Aini are so lucky that they have someone to refer to (chewah) so that they can learn to be careful. Aini is in safe hands, as she's still in the safe boundaries of her boarding school. Jijah ni. . .  I'm sure mom and dad will be pretty occupied to watch just another rebellious teen girl in the making.

* turns out geng tu geng budak form 3 and Jijah is now in upper form and usually as 'brave' as these kids can be, attacking seniors isn't an option. Later in the night, Jijah decided to say sorry if they ever confronted and deleted the post immediately, lol talk about anxiety. She pledged to the half-sleeping me that she'll behave. (and to redeem my failure of not getting straight As in SPM)

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